Saturday, September 02, 2006

A little about me

Here's a little about me for anyone who's curious. I moved to Reno from Wichita Falls, Texas in January of '94 to go to UNR. I fell in love with this area for its wide-open spaces, lack of fences and abundance of public and accessible land (the latter two of which were such a contrast from where I lived before). After I graduated, I ended up staying here and in '02 moved up to Storey county. However, I do commute, almost daily, down to my office in Reno, just north of the Truckee River about midway between Downtown and Keystone. One thing I love about living up here in the Highlands is that I can watch the horses, deer and bobcats pass through my yard as their lives come a little closer to mine (or vice-versa as the case may be). I'm not exlusive though to the wide-open spaces up here in the mountains and also enjoy a nice Friday-evening urban hike exploring the Downtown area of Reno. Although a transplant, I consider myself a true Nevadan now and have 3 young sons who were born at St. Mary's.


Blogger Gary said...

Welcome to Nevada. I was born in Reno some 53 years ago, spent almost 20 years in Dallas, and now reside in New Hampshire. But my heart remains in Nevada.

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